Kiril Semkov

You can spend time in this site!


The developer of this site came up with that slogan as it perfectly describes the website!
My previous site was entirely made ​​by me and for that purpose I used Adobe Dreamweaver (blush) as my level of coding is not very high. There were only three sections with information about my projects - Logo Design, Awards and Web Design.

Unlike the old site, in this one you can find everything I have done so far:
modelling - models made ​​during my education or for gifts; various advertising signs made ​​mainly during my work experience; amateur Photography - mostly landscapes and people; Typography - developing fonts with proper Cyrillic alphabet which will be fully described in the projects ;)
You can also check out my projects for printed materials and media, Logo design, complete corporate identities, branding, Web design - corporate websites, blogs, portfolio sites, projects sites, etc.
There are over 80 projects that you can check out, share and like.
The top navigation is entirely focused on me. There you can see all my skills, history of my education and work experience. You can also view the projects I have done for a particular employer or as parts of my training period.
You can see my friends dealing with design, art or who are in the IT field, see their personal portfolio, learn more about them.
Another new feature is the NEWS section where you will learn a lot of useful information about design and IT innovations.
You can easily get in touch with me by using the contact form for any questions, if you want to work with me or to follow me on Google +, Facebook, Behance, Linkedin, Skype.Osmrtnicama ba

Other news

Free font Ossem


Ossem typeface – the winning design of a design competition we held together with “Списание Осем” – Magazine Eight and thats why the font is named Ossem (Eight).
The idea behind the competition was to celebrate and recognize the Bulgarian form of Cyrillics by providing a free for use typeface designed with our help.Osmrtnicama ba smrtovnice

School of Architecture


If you study architecture or you'r an admirer of this topic the new building of the school of architecture at Bond University in Queensland, Australia will definitely grab your eye.
This amazing building is a strange and beautiful mix of concrete, wood and glass. It was designed by London studio CRAB, and the main actors in the project Robotam Gavin and Sir Peter Cook.