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About project

This is a web design for a project management system "Corab". The developing of the system and site are still in progress.
The main thing in the site is the progress of the developing the system.
Because it's being developed as modules it is shown the progress of the system it self and the gamification to it.
The gamification module's purpose is to put an end to phrases such as "I'm not playing, because I don't have time" or "Games are disturbing the work process". But what is the game that we are offering you to play?

One sentence: Simulation of the workflow with marine story.

Companies will be represented as harbors that have fleet. The boats are the projects and the crew of the ship is all the people working on that project. The iterations of the project are the ports of call of the boat on its course. Every player is evolving his virtual hero depending on his real growth in the company. The heroes representing the players will obtain scores, objects and badges that will represent their skills in the reality.
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