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My entry for a logo contest for the Bulgarian Presidency of the council of the European union 2018.
The logo combines two main images - our rich natural resources and our unique cultural heritage.
Our land, mountains, rivers, lakes, some of which have healing powers, are depicted as a prime image.
As a secondary image, the mountains, the earth, the waters form the first three regular letters of our alphabet - "ABC". The Cyrillic alphabet that was first introduced since our accession to the European Union in 2007. It enriches the cultural and historical values ​​of the council. The first three letters of the alphabet depicted illustrate another Bulgarian symbol, namely our Bulgarian Cyrillic, characterized and distinguished from the Russian by the difference in the regular or small letters. They have characteristic upper and lower lengths, which are missing in the Russian Cyrillic. Most of their regular letters are case-sensitive. In this case, this refers to the letter "в". In the most widespread - Russian Cyrillic, it is a reduced main, without upper length.

The font used for the trademark is called "Kelson". Developed by Bruno Mello, the Bulgarian letters are made by FontFabric. The font is distributed for free and commercial use. It is provided free of charge in three designs, which enhances its use for identity, advertising and souvenir materialsOsmrtnicama basmrtovnice

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